Windows of Jonker

I have to admit that there was a certain charm about Jonker Street, at least to photographers. The place is photogenic to the hilt, at so many levels.

I went to photograph it early in the morning to enjoy the golden light against the colourful windows and building facade. You can go in the afternoon to join the crowd and do a bit of street photography. Then there is always the night photography ton different kind of crowd.

Then there is the food - a whole variety of it - and the many watering hole if you're that way inclined. The shopping experience was a revelation as well. Many of the antique and collectable items would've cost a lot more in KL.

But for the walk I had last weekend, I was fascinated by the colours of the rows of shophouses there. Nice contrast, bright and festive. And it went on all year long, not around the Chinese New Year.

Certainly Jonker Street is a photographer's delight. I wished that I had a few friends with me who were familiar with the area as a guide.

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