Doing the Post

After the walk yesterday, we all spent the night at the apartment. Partly for the boys to play with their PS4 and Anita to do some cleaning. But for me, it was all about the post-production work and posting of the photos I took during the Scott Kelby Photowalk - #WWPW2014# - yesterday. All together, between the GR and X-T1, I got almost 400 snaps, but it boiled down to around 255 post-sorting out and editing.

They were all grouped into five segments, and were already up on Flickr, Facebook and SmugMug for my record. I would be blogging about it after I get some breather.

Exiting ApertureUploading onto SmugMugThe boys were up past midnight playing their console, while I woke up early - always a morning person - to finish things out, do the uploading and then off for my morning ward rounds.

Next would be lunch before returning to Gombak. I might pop out to Low Yat in the afternoon since I need to get a new Bluetooth handsfree unit for my phone. The last one gave up on me last year and never got around to be replaced.

More blogging later then ....

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