In the past years, I have always been fascinated by the YTL initiatives timer brand Sentul. It used to be a predominantly Indian community as the railway workshops and hangers used to be stationed there. In the years gone by, the community there thrived but their sense of identity had been lost since the railway terminals no longer operate there.

To a certain extend, the area was under developed until YTL came into the picture rebranding the area and developing it into an urban commercial hub. That had been going on for the last decade and it had been slow to take off.

Slowly but surely, there had been new buildings sprouting up from this area, which were architecturally spectacular. And d7 was definitely one of them.

I had been a consultant for a company based at d7 since the beginning of the year and I often go there for meetings and what not. And today, I brought my camera along to snap pictures as the building was certainly unique. Sadly, the occupancy was rather low due to combination of location and undoubtably cost. Those who could afford to set up shop there would definitely appreciate how aesthetically pleasing the building is.

The tenants there were trendy, mainly architecture and design firms. My favourite shop there was definitely Smeg. I've been admiring their fridges for a while now. Shame that they had to cost a bomb. There were a few art galleries as well, which I have yet had the time to explore.

Security was tight. To get into the offices, you would need to carry a key card - which luckily I had - or register at the security desk. A pain to be perfectly honest. Luckily parking was free - covered slots at the basement.

Maybe in the future I would venture at the surrounding area as well. A photo walk maybe.

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