Urban Decay

As mentioned, I could've easily called the Photowalk this year as exploration of urban decay. Certainly was a suitable theme. The overcast weather certainly gave the ambiance an extra lift, exaggerating the dull tone.

Walking around this part of Pudu alone could be intimidating. I wouldn't mind the Chinese folks which made the majority of the residents here, it was the foreigners. They look at the locals suspiciously and certainly I wouldn't want to be seen with expansive gear walking around here.

Best to walk in a group.

But if you were with friends, certainly there were plenty to see and photograph. Best to walk around early in the morning as the lights would be better and the weather wouldn't be as hot and humid.

For the day, I decided to shoot black and white with my GR. The 28mm perspective was just nice although it would've been great to have a wide-angle zoom along - I bought one a week later.

The black and white palate certainly brought the atmosphere to life.

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