A Morning of Updates

Thursday is a no clinic day for me. And with the traveling tomorrow, I decided to get some paperwork sorted out as well as doing a bit of reading. Since I spent half the morning at the apartment, I ended up doing some software updating as well. My iPhone, Apple Watch plus the Mac Pro.

So far, the update went on without a hitch. El Capitan had been blazingly fast so far and the update did not cause any issues. The iOS 9.1 was supposed to improve the "Live Photos". I hardly used that anyway. So, I hope that the update would offer some security upgrade in the background.

And then lunch with Anita at the restaurant just down the hill from the apartment.

The boys were having their sixth straight days without school and had started to get cranky. The plan would be to have a quick outing after my afternoon rounds later. It did get a bit boring after a while being cooked up at the apartment.

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