Pavilion Xmas Decor

One of the advantage of a multi-cultural society is the regular festivities that we had. And during this period, the shopping malls in town would be lavishly decorated, filled with night lights and gimmick. Despite the economic slow-down and the recent haze, everybody were still looking forward for a bit of flair and creativity.

As of every year, I looked forward to what Pavilion had to offer. This year, it was more glitters than snow, with Swarovski being the main sponsor at the lobby. They had a five-storey Xmas tree on show, filled with crystals and lights. The train and the grotto made a comeback and the area by the main entrance and the fountain were filled with lights as well.

Last night, I had the chance to explore the place at night, trying to absorb the light show. The main lobby was still closed for installation last week, so yesterday was the first time I explored it as well.

It was the ASEAN Summit weekend and with Obama in town, we were expecting some traffic flow problems. Despite that, there were still plenty of people out on the Saturday night. I wonder what Nu Sentral and 1Utama have in store ….

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