Happy Sunday

I just can't help it. I woke up early after sleeping in front of the TV last night. The intention was to watch the ManYoo- West Brom game, but I guessed the lull of the pillow was too strong! I ended up being woken up by Anita after the game finished. 2 nil to United she said before I stumbled back to sleep in the bedroom.

So, I woke up just after Subuh this morning, at around the usual time I woke up during work days. ANd I just couldn't get back to sleep. I ended watching YouTube reviews and was quite interested in the latest offering from BlackBerry. The Android-powered Priv. It retained both the physical and the excellent software keyboards from the Z series. If the tide is ride, it could be a winner! It's not yet available in Malaysia. Maybe when it was released, I'd have a look.

It was still too early to get to the hospital for the morning rounds. But maybe I just have a shower and see what was for breakfast .... Good Sunday all!

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