NU Sentral CNY Shophouses

Hands down, the best CNY shopping mall decorations this season must have been the one at Nu Sentral. This new place has certainly been garnering attention and with its strategic location and easy access, the mall management certainly didn't just sit back. They actually put in great effort which certainly put other malls to shame when it came to attracting punters.

Their theme was old Malaysian shophouses depicting the various races with their different wares, which you could imagine could happen in small towns in the 60s. Yes, they were stereotypical, but I couldn't help but have a wry smile looking at them. it certainly brought out the diversity of the different races which made up Malaysia, and what harmony meant.

I kept looking round the corner if some NGO might turn up to complaint ..... but I digress.

I really enjoyed the decoration here. It was Chinese New Year's Day and the place was quite crowded, making taking snaps a struggle at times. I got the feeling however that the word had not gone out about the place as I was sure more people would go to places like Mid Valley Megamall and 1Utama despite poorer access to public transport.

The foyer was transformed into an old town centre which in the old days was the nerve centre of the community. There were mock-up of restaurants, grocery shops, gold merchant and the likes with cute figures all dressed up as the vendors. Rather cute.

When I reached there - just after lunch - the dragon dance troupe were just packing up, with the crowd about to disperse. I just snapped away before rushing back to the hospital to see a referral.

Highly recommended before the decorations were put down maybe in a bother week.

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