A Reunion of Sorts

WhatsApp and Telegram had opened the way for old friends to hook up more so than Facebook. Accessibility being the key, as well as the reduced risk of distraction when one looked at their Facebook page. WhatsApp also allowed for real time notification especially in the current climate of fast is best.

In the last few months, my olds friends from school had created a WhatsApp group which should I say, very active. I got most of the updates from my wife - she is also in the group - as I had shut down the notification since it was too distracting.

One thing let to another and last weekend, my wife had a mini-reunion from other girls from our year. None of the boys were invited but I had the trump card. I was the designated driver for Anita.

The meet-up took place last Saturday at Nu Sentral. I had a long day including ward round, a lecture to deliver at UMMC as well as referral across town at Park City. By the time I was free, it was already time for them to go. I finally hooked up with Anita and the rest at around 5, enough time for a quick group selfie.

As you could see, I was the thorn among the roses! With my white hair sticking out.

Time certainly flew, with some of them I only last met 26 years back. There were murmuring of a bigger reunion towards the end of the year, but I could see that it would be hard work to get everybody together under one roof. It would definitely be in KL since most of them were based there now.

So, would wait for the next meet-up and hopefully the boys were invited as well ....

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