Lantern at KLCC

It was a Xmas tree barely a couple of weeks ago, and now the same spot was occupied by a tall column of lantern. I guess they saved a fair bit on the foundation and just switch the decor from one to another. But it worked.

After hearing about it from friends, I decided to have a look. And I got there just after Maghrib when the lights were about to be turned on with a hint of the blue hour still lingering.

It was actually rather nice. And there were plenty of people around there, surprisingly the majority being Arabs. There were throng of them there, all anticipating the fountains and their dancing water sprouts to be turned on.

The interior of Suria KLCC was rather more conventional with a big stage in the middle of the foyer with a few stalls littered around. No doubt there would be shows on the stage. There were nothing much going on there yesterday evening. Pretty average compared to other places I would've thought.

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