Capital Cafe

This was one of the old café from the heyday of 60's KL. At the time, the newly formed Malaysia was still searching for their identity. The place was still thriving and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman formed the hub of the business district.

It was kinda a trip to the mall when you go out on a Saturday at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman back then, and no shopping trip would be complete without a meal.

Zol reminiscing about the good old daysDone with the hailamShe recognised some of us ...And age-old cooking techniqueIn the good old days, Capital Café used to be a famous joint. Until this day, it was still famous for its mee hailam, although you had to be lucky for the" uncle" to fry you one as he had many helpers. The helpers didn't cook as well as he did.

During our walk, one of our friend suggested that we stopped there - just as we did a few years back. I had some mee hailam of course and I must say it wasn't as impressive as I hoped. Maybe the times had moved on.

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