Goodbye Downton

Finally, I've run out of episodes of Downton Abbey. I watched the final episode last weekend during a night of marathon Doynton watching, downing the last couple of episodes - which lasted around 3 hours on my Apple TV.

It brought closure to most of the story arch, but left enough room in case the production were to go on in the future. Reception, and happy endings. The final episode being a Xmas special featuring a wedding. And no, it wasn't Lady Mary's.

So, finally I completed all the six series, and for good measure we went back to watch its pilot episode, just to see how the story had developed over the years. Yes, the household used to be bustling and with the passage of time, the transformation of the British society as a whole after the World War, the high society had stopped being the norm.

Great series and would be difficult to replicate. At the end of the fifth season I thought the series would expend to the States. But that didn't materialise. Missed opportunity. Great six seasons. And best to leave while it was still on top.

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