P Ramlee at Nu Sentral

I first learned about this exhibit from my Instagram feed. Plenty of my friends learned about the National Archive doing an exhibition at Nu Sentral about the work of the late Tan Sri P Ramlee. At the back of the success of Ola Bola, it was certainly great timing, tapping into the public interest.

The very one used in Penarik Becha!I turned up on a Sunday afternoon, alone as Anita was with the kids at home, and judging from the number of people who stopped by, was a great success. It was certainly helped by the effort being put in. The exhibits were very clearly labelled and certainly looked professional. The fact that it was free also helped, and with the number of people walking past as they go about near KL Sentral, the exhibit was bound to be a winner.

Those were the actual clothes used in his movieMore personal histories and memorabilia I was not sure how long it was going to run, but it was certainly worth my afternoon. Hopefully, the exhibit would be a continuing effort, being rotated around different venues.

He certainly likes his scooters ....Nice layout of the exhibition as seen from the upper floor of the mall

It featured succinct informations, anecdotes as well as exclusive items from the era. It was quiet a surprise what the great man achieved in his 44 years on this earth. And I would be turning 44 in July. It was beyond compare!

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