Kuala Kedah Jetty

We could only manage the noon ferry, and compounded by this being a Saturday, it seemed to be the most popular trip. The next one after would be at 1.30, and that may be too late for us if we want to enjoy today at Langkawi.

We set off from the hotel at around 10, after everybody had a hefty breakfast. It was only a 15 minutes drive to the jetty but getting the MOV parked - there were no formal roofed parking space here - was tricky. Finally, we saw somebody waving at the side of the road with a sign saying “Parking Berbumbung”. We literally parked next to his house. And yes, it was covered and it was right opposite the road from the ferry terminal.

Problem solved. But we missed the 10.45 ferry. Initially we thought that the ferry will depart every hour at the half hour. Apparently it had been changed - and of course with no prior details. So, for the past hour, we have been enjoying our ice creams in the terminal, the crowd was building up and the ferry had just moored.

We should be off in the next 20 minutes. Time to drag the bags! Langkawi, here we come!

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