Lights are Up

We were entering the last 10 days of Ramadhan and it was about time that we get the lights we bought last month out of the box. It took a while to untangle the wires and after a few tries, Anita was finally happy with the setup.

We hung them along the railings of the verandah in our apartment and I was sure people driving down Bukit Pantai would be able to see them. Not too sure if they were still in fashion but when I was young, there must be lights towards the end of Ramadhan. My kampung in Kepala Batas would be filled with kerosene lamps and rumbles of fireworks could be heard for miles. The children would be roaming free during and after the Tarawikh prayers. Those were the days!

My only concern with the lights would be the rain. The wires looked shielded and the bulbs were all LED. Best to unplug them from the mains every night as not to cause any short circuit, but they looked nice when they were on.

Certainly made you excited about the coming Raya. Below is a short YouTube video of the lights.

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