Lazy Morning

As per tradition, I normally take the first couple of days of Ramadhan off. This year, I was on call on the day before Raya, which meant that I had to sort out the admissions in the first day. Therefore, I could take things a bit easier on the morning of the second. And I did just that.

After sleeping over after Subuh, I took my time getting up for my ward round. When I was finally done, I only reached the hospital at around 9, going through my rounds and was ready for home before noon.

The curtains remained undrawn Quick peek into Idlan's roomI spent the rest of the afternoon with Anita, first of all doing some shopping, and then heading to the bank. We settled the kids before joining my family at Bukit Antarabangsa for berbuka.

My colleagues would be away for the week from the third day of Ramadhan. So, I might as well enjoy my down time to catch some sleep and just chill out.

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