Off to Quill

I finished my day earlier than planned yesterday with cancellation of a couple of meetings. I had some time to take Anita to do some groceries and ended up at a mall we were not familiar with, the Quill City Mall.

Nestled close to the Centre of town but hidden out of the way at the same time, we passed by this mall many times but never got around to stop. We were heading somewhere else initially but decided to stop by. I must say that the place was bigger than expected, and much to my surprise looked to be one of the more pleasing place architecturally.

It was in the middle of the Mooncake Festival and the decorations at the mall reflected that. There were cute miniature dolls in the central bazaar which caught my eye.

The curves and the natural light bathing the inner structure was something to be admired. And the whole place appeared airy and spacious. There were plenty of café to stop by although on the whole the mall still appeared empty despite being opened for some time. Maybe it was a weekday which made the place looked empty.

Parking was a breeze and the whole basement was occupied by AEON, making grocery shopping less of a hassle. We were worried that it was right in the middle of the rush hour when we left. Luckily Waze guided us away from the heavy traffic and we were gone within half an hour. We would definitely return although a quick tip, the Hamley's outlet wasn't worth a stop.

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