Moez's Fourth

We had a nice afternoon celebrating Moez’s fourth birthday last weekend at the newly opened Atria Shopping Mall. Dina and Azmil had the party at Jungle Gym. Crowded but both Idlan and Irfan ended up in the many climbs all afternoon, leaving us to chat and catch up.

Time for the cakesIt was Ironman! And of course, we didn't come in such ...The prezzies of course ...Let's the professional handle it ...The usual works were there. Cakes, magic show and the clown. Not to mention the nice food. Jungle Gym definitely had the right idea when it came to children parties as the area for party were spacious, with many things to keep the children occupied.

Security was also top notch and everybody were tagged. Maintenance was also pretty decent.

The clown was here!!!!

Anita with Dina, Moez's MumThe clown that they had was also pretty good and entertaining. He really put up a show for everyone. We ended up chatting until late afternoon. Luckily there were not many calls for me that lunchtime. Atria also offered ample parking although getting there was rather tricky as this was the first time we been there since the place was rebuilt from the ground up. It used to be more of a community mall back then, now turned into an upmarket joint. Definitely worth another visit.

Plenty of things to do here for the childrenTV stationCotton candy anybody?My boys were missing in there somewhere ...I hope that the birthday boy enjoyed the party. He was certainly buzzing all over the place. I was sure that he would be happy with his presents as well .... Happy Birthday Moez! And how could forget his first birthday from 3 years back ...

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