One after The Other

2018 began with some bad news for me. First of all, on the evening if the New Year, I received a call from one of my cousin Uncles about his mother being ill. I dropped by at his place later that evening to visit. Things wasn't looking good but my Grand Auntie still managed to muster a smile and asked Anita a couple of questions.

Apparently she didn't talk much after our visit. She passed away the next afternoon.

The morning after, while I was planning to attend her funeral after my morning round, my Mum called. This time one of Ba's good friend - one of Julia's witness during her akad nikah - had just passed away.

Plans was changed and I joined my Mum and Julia in Keramat to pay the family a visit.

So, two death in as many days. I wouldn't say that 2018 started with great news. But things happened. They were both suffering from cancer and their passing would've spared them from some suffering.


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