Sticking with Aperture

Since the upgrade to Mojave, some of my Aperture plugins had stopped working. The main one being BorderFX, which I use to create the border and embed my logo into the photos once I export out of Aperture. This creates some workflow issue and I thought maybe time is conspiring for me to move over to Lightroom.

Lightroom CC was great if you plan to do some of the adjustment on the fly. It synced pretty niftily onto my iPad Pro and using the Pencil, I was able to make some adjustment while watching TV and all that. So, there was no pressure of being stuck in front of the desktop doing the post-editing.

All was well until the exporting part. I still needed to use the desktop, and still, creating a border was not as straightforward as I hoped. The output was also slightly different in terms of resolution and tone. I just cannot adjust from Aperture. My workflow was so smooth the old way and the output more predictable.

So, no Lightroom for the being at least. I am still suffering the hangover from Aperture and looked like I will stuck with it for some time to come ... Hopefully, the next MacOS update won’t kill it completely!