JB Trip

Sunday was the Agung’s Birthday, with the holiday carried over to Monday. And Tuesday was Awal Muharram. I cancelled the Saturday clinic and I had four days. And what did we do? We went to JB to celebrate Anita’s birthday and spend the weekend at Azie’s new house!

Itul followed us in the car and she spent the Friday evening at our apartment. Therefore, we were able to set off by 8, joining Syahril at the Tangkak exit doing a convoy to Muar. After a short meal, we set off further South, and reached Horizon Hill just after lunch, which meant more food!

We took the kampung route out of Muar back into the highway. A nice drive through the peaceful rural towns. I soon realised how clean Muar was, which was different to KL.

Azie’s place was still undergoing renovations but the interior were more or less done. So, everything were brand new and clean. Unpacking was swift and soon we were sat at the table planning what to do in the coming couple of days. But to start things off, it would be a swim at the Country Club about 10 minutes away.