Revisiting Jack Ryan

First, there was Alec Baldwin. Then came Harrison Ford. Ben Affleck and Chris Pine came after them. Now for the TV series, John Krasinski had a crack at being Jack Ryan.

The back story was almost the same. And this was the first being turned into a TV series. Syahril turned me to it during our recent JB trip and Anita flipped around to find the stream at Amazon Prime Videos. I ended up paying the subscription and played in onto our main TV at home.

Only 8 episodes for the first season but I was told that the second series would be released next year. The first season so far had been solid. There were no cliffhanger going into the second season which indicated that the producers was not sure if the run would be extended. There were the usual Islam bashing but the series tried to explain the back story which make us understand why the radicalisation happened in the first place.

On the whole, the storyline was gripping enough to carry me through. John Krasinski also appeared more of an unsung hero rather than one who craves the limelight which make us root for him. The series has got plenty going for it, and hopefully the second season would be better than the first. Would definitely be looking forward to that ...