Drive to Tanjung Piai

Nice smooth stretch

Nice smooth stretch

The drive to Tanjung Piai was not just fun, but almost a lesson in Primary School Geography. We went past the old town of Pekan Nanas on the way there, and guess what the town was famous for? No marks for guessing pineapples.

Rather than going in separate cars, we piled everybody into our Starex. Yes, since my boys did not come along, we managed to get everyone in. It was sing song all the way of course

Narrow roads but almost empty. If not for the rather bumpy ride, the drive would have been even better. Long straight roads through orchards and kampung. Stalls seen along the way selling local fruits and durian. After Pekan Nanas, it was Pontian Kecil where we took a right turn towards Kukup.

More stalls selling fruits. Should we stop? Maybe on the way back - which we did.

A couple of miles before Kukup we took another right turn inland towards Tanjung Piai, about 20 minutes further in, to reach our destination. More kampung. And I was reliably informed, that this is where the great Ahmad Maslan hailed from! Shame that we could not fine either his statue or museum. Because a selfie there would be nice ...

The journey back was almost identical although we made a detour to Kukup town for lunch.