Constructions at the Old Lab

The main laboratory at SJMC had moved to the MediPlex earlier this year and the old place is now being converted into clinics and clinical spaces. So, plenty of drilling going on and with that came a couple of things.

Firstly, there were plenty of noise and debris. And with that spores which may increase the risk for fungal lung infection in our high risk chemotherapy patients. Luckily the place had been cordoned off which brought with it my second complaint. I was no longer able to use the back door to by clinic.

Now, I had to go down one floor before using the stairwell past the constructions. As you can see, the debris are being picked up by my shoes. The contractor used this sticky pads to at least reduce the number of spores and debris we picked up as we use the area.

Will it work? Well, I wasn't really sure. But at least the construction and renovations will take only another couple of months.