Another Breakdown

Oh my baby!

Oh my baby!

It looks like the bad luck continued. This afternoon, as Anita dropped my Mum at Bukit Antarabangsa, smoke started coming out from the MPV’s bonnet. She stopped the engine and let the smoke cleared, but did not take any more chances. 

Luckily it happened in front of my Mum’s place, and the car was stationary. Irfan called me as I was leaving work, and I went straight to Bukit Antarabangsa. Anita called the tow truck and the car dealer and 30 minutes after I arrived, the truck came to take the MPV away.

We would be down to one car for the moment for the household and with our maid leaving for Manila for her Xmas holidays, Anita was a bit stressed out. And I would be on call as well tomorrow. The weeks of Xmas is usually busy for me as I tended to be either on call or covering for colleagues. This time it would probably be the same.

Hopefully 2019 would turn out to be better. Since the MPV is still under warranty, hopefully by next week, the repairs would be ready.