Mickey at Pavilion

One can't help but notice the giant Mickey Mouse parked.right in the middle of the display area by Pavilion's main foyer. It seemed that they really went into town with them as part of 80 years celebration of Disney.

Part of the Mickey-ful Xmas tree

Part of the Mickey-ful Xmas tree

This celebration was also organised at Da Men Mall at Subang Jaya and Intermark in Jalan Tun Razak. But the one at Pavilion was huge. Apart from that gain Mickey, there were 1000 little ones making up a tree, decorated by members of public and tenants of the mall. There were bigger ones as well scattered around the mall again decorated with local flavours.

A couple of them caught my eyes. There was one featuring a Mamak pulling Teh Tarik in his sarung. Another one was of Mickey with gasing in one hand and lollies on another, living a typical Malaysian childhood .... Great stuff!

The exhibition would go on for a few more weekends but best to catch it soon. It was certainly one of a kind.