Across to Times Square

The devil is in the details. That was how the saying went. At first glance, the decorations at Bee Jay's Times Square appeared modest and plain. But if you look more closely, it was very well put together with plenty of elements to explore.

Well done!

The foyer appeared very plain with stalls built up to mimic the high street of the old town. But each space were filled up with small little items to reflect the good times of the 60s. Replicas aplenty, from an old saloon to grocery shops, certainly there were plenty to see.

I spent a good half an hour there when I visit just looking at what in display. It happened to be a weekday, hence the place wasn't as packed. There were also some food truck parked outside at the main entrance of the mall, attracting the crime say from the foyer. I had my own sweat time to explore the area.

I have also uploaded a video of the decorations on YouTube if you guys fancy a look.

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