CNY at Suria

The central foyer was packed with decorations. The main stage already taken up half the space while the stalls made walking around rather tricky especially when tourists with selfie sticks came into the equation.

Entering from the fountain

Plenty to see. A kind of mini-BTS type of decorations. A bit of everything but not amounting to much. The area by the big fountain - as customary - had a big tower erected. Hampered by the fact that this would be the Year of the Dog, the mall couldn't erect anything with canine features - for political correctness and reflecting our collective social immaturity really.

The stalls were pretty standard as well. Some jewellery, perfumes, cookies and clothes. They could do without those pop-up stalls actually. Maybe the income from it is inputs rant for the mall.

Quite festive with the loud music and all that. But I couldn't hang around for long. There were plenty needed to be done for the rest of the outing ...

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