First Look

The Four Seasons Hotel right next KLCC was recently opened and by the lobby, it housed a multi story mall by Robinsons which caught my eye my recent walks.


Finally this afternoon after work, all four of went there to have a look around and we were pleasantly surprised. At least to the lower ground area which housed a gourmet food outlet called Atlas.

We had some sandwiches there and the salami there was the best I had in town. Idlan went crazy with doughnuts and macaroons while Irfan had some gelato.

If I was hungry I might have tried one of their bar cum café which sells high grade wagyu beef by the weight. You just then pay extra RM for them to cook for you plus the trimmings if you wanted to have it at the restaurant.

That may be my destination in the coming week.

Before we left, we also went up the four floors of retail outlets but we didn't pick anything up. The object of the exercise was to have a look. And that was what we did.

With the café being this good, I wonder what the room service would be like at the hotel ...

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