iOS 12

Did not take long at all

Did not take long at all

It was finally here. The latest iteration to the iOS which promised to make the system run even faster.

Unfortunately the apps came late with their updates and being an early adopter, I had to endure a slow day today. My document scanner app seemed to run slower than usual with no update in sight just yet.

Downloading the update was straightforward with around 10 minutes of total downtime. Not many knobs to fiddle and once the update was done, you would be asked to decide on a few options before returning back to your normal routine. There was not much aesthetic changes which I noticed apart from the message notification panels. Now, the WhatsApp messages were stacked together according to each chats and with a tap, messages can be read without going to the home menu arranged in order of conversation. An improvement personally.

No crashes so far but I didn't push the iPhone X to the limit today. Battery life remains the same and Waze was still working. Maybe with more updates, the promised improvement in speed would come. So, to the iPad next ...