UPSR Weekend at Julia's

Spot Irfan with the mop hair!

Spot Irfan with the mop hair!

Mum is slowly recovering from her fall but the left shoulder was still sore. The bruising was also still pretty obvious with the anti-platelets she was taking for her heart condition. She is however in good spirits and wanted to start doing housework.

Last night, we decided to go over to visit, and at the same time to wish my niece Suraiya, the best of luck for the exam next week. Unfortunately Mum was not able to cook, so no favourite dish for dinner that night …

My Mum would be staying with us next weekend as Julia would be going to Kedah to see her other daughter, Nana who would be sitting her PT3 exams in a couple of weeks. And with Suraiya doing UPSR next week, Julia definitely has plenty on her plate at the moment!

Suraiya looked relaxed as she took some time playing board games with Irfan and Idlan. Irfan was supposed to take UPSR as well if he had stayed at Sri Utama, so he had been talking to his old classmates and sensing that they were under a lot of stress as well. We had a similar dilemma when Idlan sat for his exam 2 years ago, but he did not put himself under too much pressure since he knew that he would be changing school right after the exam was done. He ended up doing great.

All in all, stress could break the child and I hope that Suraiya stays cool when the time arrives next week. Good luck to the children taking UPSR tomorrow. And good luck also to the parents, and at 12 years of age, pressure is never a good thing ...