Hazy Morning

It was a Wednesday. Every other Wednesday morning, I would start off with a ward round in Subang before driving across to Park City for a morning clinic and referral. That meant, I would start earlier than other days so that I could have a quick coffee while taking the often 45 minutes drive across town.

Now with the new DUKE Highway extension opened, the journey was a lot smoother. Typically I could reach there within half an hour. And that was how long it took to this morning. Just below 30 minutes.

But this morning, there was no sunshine. The weather was really dull with a hint of haze. Visibility I thought was less than a couple of kilometres. Thankfully, during my afternoon clinic back in Subang Jaya, it rained heavily. That should clear the haze away and make the air fresher.

For the last couple of years, we managed to avoid bad haze. Combination of our Indonesian cousins being more thoughtful, and favourable win directions had helped matters. Otherwise, things could easily take turns for the worse within days. Hopefully air quality would be better tomorrow ...