Settling into a New Schedule

I have decided to reduce the number of medical calls I was doing since the beginning of this month. And to optimise my extra time, I have changed my schedule a bit. I will be devoting more time to coordinating and writing, as well as indulge in some research work. Research is something I missed since leaving UMMC. So was teaching.

Wednesday is usually my busiest morning, starting with the morning ward round in SJMC followed by a drive to Park City for a clinic, then back for an afternoon clinic in Subang with lunch sandwiched somewhere in between. With the reduced inpatient number, I was able to take my time to drive across as well as doing some reading once I reached Park City. I had a quick stop at the lab as well, something which I usually not able to do before.

The lobby seemed quiet that morning

The lobby seemed quiet that morning

At the end of the clinic, I even had the time to write to GP about patients they referred. Hopefully, this structure remains. And I feel that I am starting to enjoy these mornings again ... being able to do things I like without the need to rush for time.

I have plans for the coming few weeks in terms of goals and targets. If I can get those plans in motion, maybe I will be able to achieve more in the coming years ... so, watch this space ...