Searching for Breakfast

Anita found this place - Kafe Kampung Kaw - during her previous stay in PD a couple of months back. Since then, she had been harping on about it. Since we were desperate for food this morning, the decision was simple.

We were amongst the first to arrive. Located in a kampung around Si Rusa, near the apartment at Bayu Beach Resort, the place would be tricky to find without Waze. There was also some event going on near the area, and we had to be diverted from the main road, adding an extra five minutes to our drive.

We ordered nasi lemak, some bread - called roti gemuk, soto and mee hoon. We took away some drinks as well. How was it? Not bad but I thought that it was nothing special. Very popular, though as by the time we were done with our take-out, the parking lot was full.

The sun was already high when we left the place

The sun was already high when we left the place

The drama did not end there, though. We were diverted again on our way home, but as usual, there was no traffic management once we entered the diversion. We were left on our own, without any signs or police to control the flow. An extra 20 minutes added to the drive home, and by the time we were back, the food was already cold. But that did not stop us from having a feast.

This was later followed by an afternoon nap ... and by the time I woke up, it was already lunchtime, and the boys were already in the pool ... That's what I call a Saturday morning!