Exploring the Marina

The marina at Rebak Island is the main feature of the island. It formed the main route in and out of the resort, with a jetty in a beautiful tranquil bay. There were seven berthing platforms for the mostly sailboats moored there, forming symmetrical structures reflecting from the still waters. I can just sit there enjoying the breeze, and wishing that I own one of the boats so that I could sleep there listening to the sound of crickets while being buoyed up and down.

I can only wish. If you prefer a video, just click here.

The marina canteen can be seen at the background to the right

The marina canteen can be seen at the background to the right

I went there every day since, of course, it was where the jetty was located. It also has a small tuck shop and laundry-mart mainly for the yachters to use. I could also see a canteen further up the hill by the dry docks where those staying in the boats used. From my reading, there used to be a restaurant at the main building by the marina, which has been closed. The tuck shop sold some ice-cream though, which was a treat under the hot sun.

According to the lady staffing the tuck shop - she was originally from Germany, married to an Australian and lived in Langkawi Island - the provisions could only be bought from Padang Matsirat or Kuah, but many sailors prefer the tranquillity of Rebak Island. So, the moored their boats there and travel in and out of the island via ferry. The marina provides running water and electricity as well as minor repair at the dock. 

There were boats from the US and Australia there. I caught a local family walking in and out of a catamaran - maybe they own the boat but lives in the Peninsular instead and come over for holidays. 

Living in a boat seemed to offer a kind of freedom, and it took a particular type of character to do so. I don’t think I can manage that for an extended period. I could not even swim properly ...

The view was beautiful, and the breeze definitely was rejuvenating. Something to be enjoyed for sure!