Sunday Talk

It had been a while since I had to give talks on Sundays. I prefer the workday evenings. This time around, it was an all-day event, and it was predominantly an Oncology, rather than Haematology event. Therefore, I just attended to give my talk, which began just before lunch. I was able to settle my ward round earlier in the morning before driving over to the venue.

Unfortunately, there was a slight delay in the schedule. Luckily, I managed to race through my slides and ended up the session on time. Everybody was getting restless for lunch by then. I managed to catch up with an old friend who has now climbed up the corporate ladder. He was one of the first few drug reps I knew when I started at UM in the early 2000s. 

By the time I was done with lunch, it was time to go since I planned to spend the afternoon at Julia’s. She will be heading to London next weekend during the school break, and my Mum was at her place having just returned from Sungai Petani the day before. 

Since we were also planning to travel during the next weekend, it looked like she would be spending Raya in KL with her friends.