Finally taking the plunge

Dinner at IKANOThe lack of broadband at our Taman Cemerlang house is really driving me nuts now that we are planning to spend more time there. I tried tethering my E71 but the speed is just too inconsistent and I just cannot get much done. This evening, we went out to IKANO for dinner and just a spot of fresh air if you can call it that. I then had a chat with one of the lady at the P1 Wimax booth, just chatting about how good the connection is and stuff like that. She was actually very informative and described all the comparisons and what to expect. There was also an offer going on that if you are a Streamyx user, you can get 3 months off the fees to try out the P1. I thought, why not. The modem costs RM100 complete with the wifi base station.

Arrived home. Set everything up. In 3 minutes, I'm online, at 150Kb/sec. Amazing. No connection issue using my Mac at all. No interruption in connection. It's been great so far. I'll let you know if it's otherwise.

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