P1 Day 1, and the new iMac news!

091021.1, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

It has clearly passed the test and even Anita was impressed. With my Mac, I can watch YouTube in HD without a hitch. Also heard today that Apple just announced the release of the new iMac line. The flagship model now support 27 inch display with resolution of 2560x1440 in 16:9 ratio! That is just insane. But that not just it. It ships with i7 Nahalem chip, but my personal favourite, wireless keyboard and mouse ... and the mouse has multitouch technology a la iPhone! M jaw just dropped!

When I bought my iMac back in 2005, the choices were between 15 and 17 inch models. How time have moved! They also released a new MacBook line and from the great vine, I heard that they might be replacing the MacBook Pro line in time for Christmas as well. Well, my MacBook Pro is only 2 years old, and my iMac 4. We know which one needs an upgrade!

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