Juicy changes

091024.05, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

As you probably noticed that there have been plenty of changes on the layout and content of the blog in the last months. I have started using microblogging tools to update the blog mainly by using my mobile phones. The scheme were also changed and appear more streamline. The last project I embarked on was updating the commenting system.

Unfortunately there have been drawbacks. Even though I was able to see the the comments made, since injecting some root code to enable the Disqus system, I was not able to reintegrate them back into the blog. I can only do so by disabling it, and that will defeat the purpose of the update.

I was also toying with the idea of possibly putting the uploaded photos into a separate stream. However, they might be too far away from the main content as my main idea idea is to have a weblog. I will from now on post interesting links I came across into the 'Impulse Link' thread, while any writing that are themed into certain ideas, such as football, tech and photography will be posted into the 'Themed Post' stream.

As for the comments, I will write onto the relevent entries but the initial comment written prior to the code injection will not appear on the page.

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