Hmmm! Burger!

I was on MC last week and as a result, some of the patients decided to skip last week clinic and came to see me personally today. I finally finished the last patient at around 2.30. Missed Solat Jumaat and also lunch and had to content with this nice little burger ...... really hit the spot!

Anita has been busy the whole day cleaning our Taman Cemerlang house since our new maid ... well the one that we had previously until last year is coming back. She will be here by Monday. The boys and Anita is really looking forward to that since our current one is rather .... crap! After work, we decided to take my in-laws for dinner at TGI Friday. They has not been to Wangsa Walk Mall, a new mall in Wangsa Maju, not far from where we live. Idlan's music school has also moved there. However, there is no class today and the boys need a walk anyway. Made the mistake of ordering the barbecue rib. Not only that the portion is huge ... I mean American-style with all the fats etc, it was so dry as well. I should have just stick to the prawn cocktail and finish off Idlan's food! I am just back from there and needed to do some reading and paperwork before hitting the sack!