Night Out at The Curve

Idlan was not going to Music School tonight. Since the move to Wangsa Walk Mall, he has been miserable every time he attended the classes. The new venue was still being renovated even after a couple of months since the move. The new classroom was less than ideal. It was one of those rectangular rooms, but that was not the problem. It was that the class layout was a headache. The entrance and the front board occupied the wide end. Hence the class was wider than it was long from front to back. The keyboards were also arranged in rows that were too narrow for access. Compared to the previous room, this one was less than half the size with no windows. It was plainly dull. Idlan was complaining that he can't even hear the notes he was playing. I think it was a valid problem. Can't really blame him for complaining.

So he threw a tantrum for the last couple of classes, and refused to practice at home anymore. Solution; it looked like we either change the venue, as there were a few Yamaha Music Schools around, or ask for a one-on-one tuition until the situation improved. The shame was the new place was huge. The management for some reason gave priority for the showroom and office area rather than the actual lesson rooms. The rooms were right at the back and cramped. I guess I know where they make the bulk of their income comes from. Typical wasn't it?

Idlan actually liked his teacher, Ms Lily. I will have a word with her at some stage to see if she was keen to take Idlan back but in a different tuition arrangement or at another school.

I tried something new tonight, a savoury crepe, filled with salmon and mushroom plus the usual cheeze. Very niceSo we decided to do something else. We headed out to The Curve, since the boys fancied some Marche food. Unfortunately they were still fixing the pizza oven. The funny thing was the oven was never to be seen. I suspected they will not be doing pizza any longer. The boys absolutely loved the pizza here. They had some pancakes and roast chicken instead. We then took a walk around the Curve, which is always a happening spot on Friday evenings, especially with the eCurve right next door. The movie 2012 was out tonight and I can see crowd mingling for tickets at the cinema there. As for us, we took a stroll instead.

The crowd were just only building upPandemonium as the boys were let loose with the cars! Run!There were plenty of young families with prams and young children around at this hour. We went up to the children area. At the first floor, Idlan spotted an electric toycar kiosk, so he decided to try one. We were stuck there for half an hour with them trying the various cars. It turned out that they only charge around RM10 for half an hour which I thought was very reasonable. Idlan and Irfan picked a car each and off they went. A quick stop at McDonald's before we headed home for drinks and it was a fun evening all around. Irfan was due to start his reading class at Pingu the next morning, so he will need some rest.

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