A nice lunch at the Smokehouse, Telawi, Bangsar

Irfan is starting off his new series of classes at Pingu's English. There are 3 levels of classes, and each modules are divided into units, the first level being 8 units if I am not mistaken, taken over a period of about 6 months, depending on the number of hours spent. He finished his level 1 classes last month, and at the end we were not sure whether we should enroll him for level 2 or not. He is due to start at Sri Utama next January to join Idlan. As he really liked his teacher - Teacher Kumari - we decided to start him on a weekly program, basically just some reading lessons. The first class was today, every Saturday at noon.

The decors are up at Bangsar Village

While waiting for his class to finish, Anita planned to use the time to shop for groceries and others at the nearby Bangsar Village. For today, my in-laws decided to tag along. We got there in plenty of time. After sending Irfan off, we headed straight for groceries. The Xmas decor is just being readied. After all it is some 6 weeks away. There was a huge Xmas tree in the middle of the main lobby. After mingling around for a bit, the in-laws wanted to look for a spot for lunch. We went for the Smokehouse, next to Madam Kwan opposite the Bangsar Village II.

We have been eyeing the place for some time but never had the opportunity to try it. Today was the day. When we entered, we were presented with the menu and made our selection while seated in the cosy ground floor area, themed alike an authentic English living room. A fireplace would not appear out of place here, nice with plush sofa and magazines. After we made our orders we were ushered upstairs to take our seats. We were quite welcomed to have some drinks downstairs prior if we want since the chef will need some time to prepare the meals, but since Idlan was already restless by then, we went straight up.

All the meals here we prepared on site in the kitchen. There were no such thing as microwaved frozen food here. Everything from the salad to the whipped potatoes and chips were freshly prepared. There were 2 kinds of meal, prepared from a menu devised by two chefs. One is purely English, pudding, roast and the lot. The other is Thai. They were both delectable.

My delectable chicken pie

Anita had some fried mee hoon and tom yam soup. They were both very good. Idlan had some fried chicken cobs, plus chips with mushroom sauce. Very nice! Mum-in-law had roast chicken while my dad-in-law and me had chicken pie ..... Gorgeous! Everything was freshly prepared as I mentioned. The staffs were very friendly. However, since there were plenty of competitions for food in the area, there were hardly any customers at the time we dined. What do you expect when Madam Kwan is right next door. We were too full by the end when the asked if we wanted deserts.

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