Early Christmas at Pavilion

It is always a pain having to wake up early on a Sunday morning, to have to drive to do ward round. It's not really a complaint as I love what I do. But it is always difficult when the alternative is a lie-in with the wife and the boys. Well, somebody has to do it. So I got to the ward relatively quickly for a weekend round as I know it was going to be an awful morning with my patients scattered all around the hospital. I managed to finish everything and got home just before one. After lunch, the boys were getting bored. They again wanted to go out, and Anita was craving for hot chocolates. So we headed for Pavilion.

Pavilion is fast becoming a hit for festive decor around KL although their Hari Raya effort was rather poor compared to KLCC and Mid Valley this year. But six weeks out, they started early for Xmas. There were Xmas trees 4 floors high with all the trimmings and fake snow. Santa sledge galore and of course the grotto, although it was too early for Santa himself to turn up yet.

First order of business was Godiva. Sip of warm chocolate and of course enough chocolates to send Idlan and Irfan into orbit. They were totally hyper! We then headed for the main foyer where they had space to run around. The central foyer is a large round enclosure with a couple of coffee shops round the side. The middle have a small platform where I am sure the shows will be staged nearer to Xmas. It was surrounded by four tall Xmas tree. Littered around are small stalls selling decors, candies, stocking fillers and the likes. The one that Anita stopped at was a stall of L'Occitane perfumes and toiletries.

Being a Moslem, I personally don't celebrate Xmas as a religious festival. But after living in the UK for years, Xmas has become a part of my calendar. I know it was the time to cover for my colleagues who were celebrating. It was also synonymous with the famous Boxing Day sales! Surprisingly, I noticed a few other fellow Moslems, some of them in Hijab also getting excited and taking pictures with the sledges and grottos. As long as the religious ulama don't go all intifada on us, I think we will be fine.

After half an hour of browsing, I noticed that Irfan was getting tired. He was sleepy from all the chocolate and pampering. Within 5 minutes of getting into the car and driving home, the three of them, Anita included were already fast asleep.

They were all spent by the time they reached home

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