4 pictures a day keeps the doctor away!

After the rush from ward the ward round, we managed to reach Hospital Ampang just after 10. Habibah was during the driving and I was manning the GPS. Unfortunately I keyed in HUKM rather than Ampang. Luckily the distance between the two was not that far. A bit of adjustment and we were there. But arriving at 10 does mean one thing ... no parking. I got out of the car and politely told the Pak Guard that we were a couple of lecturers from UM, coming over to give a talk .... ditto! A quick squark of the walkie-talkie and we have a spot right in fron tof the main entrance. The 'KHAS' sign does mean something here! VIP time!

Unfortunately, things operate in Malaysian time zone. Which means that we were still early. When we arrived, there were the two of us, Dr Jameela and the visitor, Scott Dunkley. Scott is a Hemostasiologist from Sydney and was in Malaysia for a workshop on the weekend. We were here in Ampang to discuss some cases and sit down for a meeting in the afternoon for a national guideline. Unfortunately as I hitched a ride off Habibah, I have to escape after lunch. The discussion went well, with plenty of interesting cases. But while waiting for the crowd to arrive, Scott was taken on a tour of the wards, so we decided to have some teh tarik instead at the cafeteria.

The organiser of the event was Jay Suriar. Seen hear manning the hotline, appropriately shaped as lips! It was pink as well! We did not prepare any cases from UM however, but the cases presented were very interesting indeed. We finally broke down for lunch just after 12.30. After a quick bite, we drove back to UMMC, and again I was ace with the Google Maps on my E71. We took a couple of turns too many and ended up on the wrong side of the highway. Got back to UM in one piece however, no thanks to my navigational skill. Habibah was rather funny while driving however. She told me the joke of how her Dad described her driving - my daughter drives like lightning, she hits poles and trees!

We caught the back end of Jasmin's talk when we arrived at the talk. She was speaking on Thrombotic Thromcytopenic Purpura. Quite a long discussion. We were also treated with pizza courtesy of Suhaida who just completed her Masters Program.