4photos for today

Irfan tenderly pouring the soysauce for me .... Bless!

Managed to arrive home early after sorting out all the formal stuff. Decided to take the boys out. Craving for some sushi. The boys like the miso with all the MSG goodness of course. We headed out to Pavilion since we had to pick some other stuffs out from there. After lingering around for a bit, we had to rush back to meet Idlan's music teacher. Unfortunately due to the rain and bad traffic, we missed it.

Gone hyper after the miso!We were hence left with the conundrum since Idlan is not keen to go back and join the crowded class after what happened the last few sessions. So far, he missed 3 lessons and that was quite a lot to catch up on. We have to meet the teacher next week and see if she is willing to take up personal lessons.

Today was also the last day of school. Earlier in the day, Idlan had his class concert. It was a rather slow key affair. After the concert was done, Anita went on to register Irfan. He will be joining Seri Utama as well from January. The problem is getting the school uniform for him. He is rather small for his age and he started the kindergarten effectively a couple of years early. When Idlan started last year, we had to order his uniform up front as it was smaller the the smallest standard size.

After the concert, Anita went out to get some school shoes for the boys. She was worried that there will be a rush once the holiday started. While there, she spotted a couple of these cuties - Upin and Ipin! I'm really proud of these guys. It was a real local production. The stories were really good and relatable. Animation could be better, and I am sure will improve. The characters were very well developed. It is something that Malaysians should be proud of. I hear that they are now being featured in the Disney Channel! Good for them!