Trip to Kuala Selangor

Nope! He's not reading the map. It was a Toys'r'Us magazine.Irfan's Pingu class today was cancelled. One of the kindergarten that his teacher is teaching at had their school concert today. The whole family plus my in-laws went to Kuala Selangor for a spot of proper seafood. We planned to leave early, but knowing the boys, things got delayed. We only managed to leave Gombak by 11.

Stopping over near Ijok for some rambutanWe took the MRR II via Sungai Buloh, driving on route 54 passing Ijok on the way to Kuala Selangor town. It was only around 65km away. I can imagine, if the weather is right, minus the screaming kids in the CRV, it could have been a cool drive. We had to stop a couple of times for toilet and rambutan break. A small stretch of the road was still narrow and windy. I can see parallel to the route that there are new, wider roads being built Not sure it that was part of the coastal highway being constructed, from Kelang, via the coast up to Lumut.

The weather was cloudy. It was drizzling a wee bit when we join the Kelang-Tanjung Karang main trunk road. The road widened a fair bit by then. To our surprise, there was a big Tesco already open just before the Kuala Selangor town. The last time I went there was early last year mind. We drove past the town towards Tanjung Karang, over a small bridge, then took the first left off a traffic light after the bridge into a small kampung. This is where the good restaurants are.

Sweet and sour crab ... Yums!And the aftermath!We quickly settled to order our food. We had steamed fish and sweet and sour crab among other things. It was gorgeous. The boys were rather cranky since they had had plenty of junk food on the way in. I made it worst by splashing some sauce onto Idlan's face while cracking the crab claws with my hammer. He was livid. We finally left for home by 2. It was always surprising that the journey home felt much faster than going out. Both of the boys, plus their mum were asleep as soon as we left the town. The drive back was much more pleasant.

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