Evening stroll

Welcome to the evening stroll at The CurveI will be off from today. Will not be back to work for a week. Taking time off for the coming Raya and all. It was the school holidays. Right after work, we went out for dinner outside. Nothing fancy, steamboat at IKANO. Since we got there early, we went to browse at IKEA. Anita needed a new whiteboard to teach the boys maths and stuff. We couldn't believe that it was sold out! Yes, it's school holidays. But I don't think all parents are teaching their kids during the break ... Or at least I don't think.

Yes! I made Idlan carry some stuff in IKEA!

We quickly shuffled for steamboat right after that. Done with dinner, we just strolled along. There is an offer going on at England Optical upstairs. You can get more discount using UOB Card, so I started thinking ..... That Oakley looks nice. The glasses I'm wearing now is almost 10 years-old anyhow. Tried a few. Anita insisted that I get one. Yes it was an Oakley. It will be ready in the next couple of days. Just in time for our trip to Fraser's Hill. The only problem I think I will have with it will be the shape of the lens. It will be a curved one due to the frame and since I have astigmatism, I reckon that the glass will be thick at the edge. Hopefully it will still be OK!

The decor being set upNext, we brought the boys to the playground. They need to burn off some energy, plus leaving Anita to do some shopping of her own. The Xmas lights and trees are being installed at the Curve at the moment. I am sure by the time they are ready they will look nice. I can still remember the decor from a couple of years back. That was really stunning. They will have to do something special to beat that, and also the current one that is up at Pavilion. Before we leave, we also stopped by at Marche. During the school holidays, they have activities for kids. There is a pizza-making lesson 3 times a week and we signed Idlan up for this Thursday. I will write about it after Idlan is done with that. It cost RM20 for the lesson but they provide all the material and gears. That should be fun!

As for tomorrow, I have a lot of errands to do. Need to pay the bills. Maybe heading to Sungai Wang to browse as well.

Disclaimer - This blog was written while listening to Brett Dennen - cool stuff!

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