Out and about in town - at Pavilion at the moment

It seems that the first day of any of my long break involves sending the car to the garage for servicing. That was what happened this morning. Off my Kelisa went. Mind you, the mileage - er kilometers in that beast is almost 100000. Not bad. Once that nestled in the workshop, I went to Bukit Bintang to settle my bills and others. I also took a look at the Nokia E72. It was not much bigger than my current E71. It has 5MP camera and still no compass. I asked if they do trade-ins. One of the seller there said he will take-in my E71 for RM700. Hmmm! But the price for the E72 was quoted for RM1650. I think that that was a bit too expensive. I won't pay any higher than RM1400. I'll give another couple of months.

I spent the afternoon being Anita's taxi. She wants to explore some more private schools around here. We ended up visiting 4 schools. We have a couple more lined up for tomorrow morning. So it's going to be another long day. After all that was done, we went to our games dealer at Plaza Damas. As promised, I have to get the boys the PSP they have been shouting about. I got them a matching pair. The console themselves were still affordable. What made things expensive are the trimmings, covers, bags, memory cards, crack programs and the lot! I am officially broke now!

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