Idlan making pizza

As part of the school holiday activities, Marche at their the Curve outlet held a pizza-making workshop. We enrolled Idlan in. The workshop started just after lunch, ran for a couple of hours. The kids were thought about hygiene to start with. Everything, from apron to the dough were provided. All we had to do was turn up.

First, the dough need flattening! I kept asking him to do it mamak style but he refused to get in touch with his roots!I think he needs a stoolThere were about 12 of them in the group and I think Idlan was among the youngest. Few of them I am sure were already in standard 4 at least. They started off with just the base, then adding it the tomato paste and toppings of cheese and pineapple. Since Idlan was too small, he had to go onto a platform in order to reach the trimmings and put them on his pizza. Idlan was grinning all the way. After the pizza was prepared, all of them went into the oven. It took about 20 minutes to cook and the young chef took the time to mingle, take pictures and drink some juice to cool themselves down! Even though it was not exactly Hell's Kitchen, it was still pretty hard work for them. Eating time came next. Unfortunately we did not get to keep the cute little aprons. In the meantime, Irfan was sulking as he also wanted to join in. Unfortunately he is still too small.

Now comes the hard partThe staffs there were really friendly and I can tell they were really prepared for the event. It was held at the front entrance of the restaurant, in the shades by the main walkway. The instructions given were very appropriate to the young boys and girls. They were showed how to carry out the instructions. After everything was done, the participants were given a certificate, plus the recipe for the pizza they have just made.

... and it's ready!Irfan reviewing his brother's bakingAfter everything is done, it was back to Kung Fu time!All in all, it was a very well run event. There are other workshops coming on, but I don't think Idlan is keen to bake muffins. The pizza-making workshop is held on Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons during the school holidays. It cost RM20 to register. Just Google for Marche or click here or here to find out a bit more. It was great fun, I would recommend it to other parents for sure. The slideshow for the workshop can be seen here.

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