Fraser's Hill - Day 2, Part 1 - Breakfast and the Outing

I slept like a baby last evening. Especially so when the boys decided to leave me to sleep alone on the bunk bed. The two of them and Puan Anita were huddled away on the four-poster bed.

I got up the earliest, at just just after seven. It was pretty nippy outside and the bathroom floor was as cold as ice. A quick hot shower and changed. Before I managed to sneak outside, Puan Anita woke up. Soon after, the boys were jumping on the bed. We hot the maids in, got them in the bath and headed for breakfast.

Idlan getting ready for breakfastThey served full English breakfast here and those were on the house. We are talking homemade croscent, jam and butter, followed by sausages, bacon and choices of eggs. Toast and cereals were also there if you fancy. Unbelievable!

I had omellete with cheese and mushrooms. Those certainly hit the spot. I counted 4 tables being occupied. I am sure the place would have been busier during weekends. It was Monday then.  As a result, the waiters were able to attend to my boys every need. The fact that they wanted only sausage and no bacon. They wanted to pour their own fresh milk into their tea. They wanted to run around in between mouthful of scrambled eggs. Irfan does not want any beans because according to him they are stinky! Oh man! They were really the bosses!

Looked like Maria Tunku Sabri has been hereWhile waiting for the food to sink down, Anita did some research about places to visit for the day. Since we have elderlies and children with us, hiking was definitely out. There were many beautiful trails around here. They were very well mapped and cater for all level of adventure. There are the simple ones with minimal gradient while others that were damn right brutal. Some of them lead to waterfalls and they are plenty of those if you are really keen.

Hmmm! Chillies? Big ones?

We learned however by the end of the day that if you were looking for flowers, Cameron Highlands is a better bet. There were a few nurseries advertised here, but they were pretty poor. Maybe they were out of season. There were certainly no roses and strawberries, and not much butterflies either.

Arriving at Allan's WaterDeciding what to doWhile enjoying the view

We decided to start the day about half a kilometer away at a manmade lake called Allan's Water. There is a pedal boat here and the place was very well maintained. Next door is a small nursery but again, there was not much on show.

The area where the archery and horseriding activities were hosted is called 'The Paddock'The barn where the horses livedEnjoying the rideNext stop was at the other side of town near the Golf Club. There is a small stable here with a few horses. Idlan was really excited and I took him with me for a ride. Nope, the horse was hardly running. It was just a gentle walk around a small circuit. Cost me RM4 and RM3 for Idlan. Irfan was too small to get on. There was also archery range next door. Further along is a small putting green. It was unfortunately closed that day, so we got Idlan a small plastic golf set to play back at the hotel garden later.

It was soon time for lunch when we finished with riding. We went to Shahzan's Inn, back in the town center. There is a Chinese and Malay restaurant here that opened for lunch and dinner. The resort looked slightly older than Puncak Inn across the road and in need of a make-over. Nearby is a playground and a small garden which the boys went to while waiting for food. We then headed back to the hotel right after, for some rest before a touch of golf and scones later.

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